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Shenzhen Zhongjin New Material Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, has a registered capital of 32 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of gold and silver precious metal wide plates, strips, foils and other new materials and gold and silver products.

The company has high-quality complete sets of precious metal plate, belt and foil new material production lines and finished product manufacturing equipment, sophisticated equipment, strong technical strength, and advanced advanced production technology of precious metal plates, belts and foil new materials. Obtained more than ten national invention patents, one of which has passed the examination of the PCT Patent Union in 134 countries. In 2018, the company passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification. In the same year, it passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

The company has the industry's leading mold technology, manufacturing technology, hand-carving technology and product development and other high, sophisticated and sophisticated professionals and management team, adhering to the "innovation, ingenuity, collaboration, win-win" corporate culture. Continue to innovate, research creative new precious metal materials technology and unique new craftsmanship; make high-quality products for customers with a century of ingenuity; build team building with staff growth, collaboration and mutual assistance; and strive to provide customers with high-quality cooperation and win-win spirit. Quality service.

 Shenzhen Zhongjin New Material Industrial Co., Ltd. is constantly innovating technology, improving management level, and striving to grow into a high-tech enterprise with the goal of becoming a Chinese precious metal material research and development, manufacturing and product development.

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Company Address: No. 2 Workshop, Shiwei Zhenye Industrial Park, Jiangshi Community, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen

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